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17 Jul 2017

How to Win At Work

Program title: How to Win at Work

Target Audience: People that are working now, full time and part time, as an employee or self-employed

Program prerequisites: None

Learning outcome: At the end of this course, you will be able to know what are the practical ways that you too can win at work and be a high-value employee/ 

Key Learnings:
  1. Demands in today's business: you just cannot rely on safe strategies
  2. Importance of winning at work and becoming high value employees
  3. Uncovering what's holding you back to contributing more at work
  4. Top 10 things that every employer is looking for in an employee
  5. Finding your internal motivation at work: knowing your purpose
  6. Passion at work and how to be more passionate in your work
  7. The 5-Ways Leverage to be a Higher Profits Employee: low maintenance, 
  8. Top 35 Strategies on the 5-Ways
  9. 20 ways to be more efficient at work
  10. Going the extra mile and going all the way
  11. Handling stress and perturbation
  12. The ultimate of wining at work: leave a legacy